OS Upgrade: Three Steps to World Peace and Higher Profits

OS Upgrade: Three Steps to World Peace and Higher Profits

What if there where something about our human operating system that if tweaked, world peace would become a real possibility? What if along with that peace, we’d experience abundance, community, intimacy and a lot more fun?

What if it also led to a culture of collaboration? And our products and services evolved to fully contribute to the general well-being of society. What if you could increase profits while making people’s lives better? Consider the payoff if it were 80% true, would you be interested?

I will show you three steps that will start us on the path toward World Peace and Higher Profits. But first, we must understand the Problem…

The problem is this: We’re addicted to Thinking! We spend most of our time living in our heads—in our minds, labeling, analyzing, comparing, criticizing, judging, playing games – without listening to the Heart of our experience.

The Mind is focused on strategies – finding solutions to problems without clear awareness of the Heart of our motivations & needs in the Limbic Brain.

It’s been known for a long time that Language and Reasoning take place in the Frontal Cortex — i.e. the Mind. And our emotions & motivations come from our Limbic Brains, which I call the Heart. The problem is that the Mind and Heart are not communicating.

Because the Mind and Heart are not communicating, we have a tendency to “Miss the Mark”

  • Meeting our needs at the expense of others
  • Meeting someone else’s needs at the expense of our own

Training the Mind to understand the Mark of the Heart is the way out.

There’s something attractive, rather addictive about stimulating the mind with thoughts; we spend our time and energy on crafting strategies to “best” serve us without a conscious awareness of the needs that are motivating our actions.

What if there was a way to bring the Heart of our motivation – our needs – into the dialogue of the Mind; something to give us clarity, integration, direction and more options for choices to serve all our needs, would you be interested?

This is the kind of work that we do… we help people learn and use the language of the Heart. Helping the Mind to know the motivation behind our actions; getting in touch with our feelings and needs would help us find integrity, where we behave congruently with our values.

Needs are universal resources required for living life fully (e.g. Survival, Protection, Meaning, Autonomy, Interdependence, Honesty, Empathy, Well-being, Regeneration, Transcendence, …)

Feelings tell us if our needs are being met or not. We experience the pleasant feelings when needs met, and the unpleasant ones when needs are not met.

As we connect with our needs, we begin to feel a natural compassion and curiosity toward others, making it much easier to really listen to them.

There are three steps in our OS upgrade:

#1. Listen Inside (within our Hearts), look inside ourselves in the moment for our current feelings and needs

#2. Listen Outside (to the Heart of others), also known as Empathy

#3. Express Ourselves Honestly with Compassion through our observations, feelings, needs and requests. We are willing to let go of outcome for the sake of mutual understanding

Here’s an example of what I mean…

Let’s say that you and I have plans to go bowling in Los Angeles at 5:00 PM. An hour before it’s time to leave, my son breaks his nose body surfing in Laguna Beach. We rush to the hospital; I forget to call until you’re already there. I call you at 5:15 PM.

How would the conversation go for you with your current OS? What would you say first?

Here’s how the OS upgrade can help (this worksheet summarizes and demonstrates the process):

# 1. Listen Inside: Before making the call, I realize that I’m worried about my son’s health and well-being

# 2. Listen Outside: As I listen to my friend, I find out that she’s upset because her needs for consideration and efficient use of time were not met. After I acknowledge her needs, she’s grateful to be heard.

# 3. Express Ourselves Honestly with Compassion: It’s now my turn: I tell her how worried I was about my son. And how I’m sad because we weren’t able to hang-out. Now that we have a mutual understanding, we decide to re-schedule to another date.

I’m curious – can you see how this kind of conversation can change your experience of relationships?

If enough of us upgrade our OS, the world will change for the better. The three simple steps in our OS Upgrade will allow us to become the change we’d like to see in the world!

Next time that you’re about to engage someone in a heated discussion, consider listening inside as a first step. Not only are you contributing to meeting your immediate needs, you are also helping all of us create the world that we all want to live in.

This is a simplification of the work we do. Even with these simple tools, we can get 80% there… to World Peace & Higher Profits.

Contact us to find out how we can contribute to this upgrade!

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