Heart-Canvas™ (feelings + needs)

Heart-Canvas™ (feelings + needs)

Heart-Canvas™ is a visual-tactile aid to support learning and exploration of the language of the heart. Feelings are sorted by intensity, and needs are organized into a flower making them easier to find and learn. The Heart-Canvas™ may be used in many ways:

  • as an educational aid for learning the language of the heart
  • cultivating presence
  • journal writing through self-empathy
  • family communication
  • conflict resolution
  • giving empathy to others
  • to prepare for difficult conversations
  • to transform evaluations/judgments
  • to help going deeper into associated motivations

The uses of the Heart-Canvas™ are endless. Download your free black & white version to try it out (please limit to personal use) or buy the reusable vinyl canvas version through the shopping cart on this page.

Enclosed Items: Each order contains its own reusable carrying tube, which includes a color canvas print on vinyl 1. The vinyl can easily be rolled and unrolled on a daily basis while maintaining its smoothness and beauty. A faux leather pouch containing 4 sets of 6 glass gems are included for associating feelings to needs. A small guide for self-empathy is also included.

Check back here for blogs on the many uses of the Heart-Canvas!



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