We envision a collaborative world… coming together to create societal value, business value, and personal well-being.

Our mission is to empower people and self-organizing teams through joyful collaborative communication.

We believe in the natural principle of self-similarity, where individuals, relationships, families, teams, communities and interdependent organizations are living congruently with their values in harmony with the world they inhabit.

The following principles guide our mission:

  1. awareness of our universal needs is essential
  2. everyone’s needs matter (within and without)
  3. conflict happens when strategies are confused with needs (strategies are the actions we take to meet our needs, and are related to people, places or things)
  4. everyone has a place at the table (a voice to speak and be heard)
  5. we are all doing the best we know how to meet our needs
  6. we all want to be heard and understood — we long to freely exchange feelings and ideas
  7. people are most effective when fully present — self-aware and self-connected
  8. empathy supports presence, honest expression supports progress
  9. both empathy and honesty are needed for connection
  10. we are all empowered to lead by request through horizontal leadership agreements
  11. group consensus takes time, but it is a powerful force in supporting the collaborative process
  12. the best solutions come from semi-autonomous teams that live by these ideals.

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