We oftentimes find ourselves in dysfunctional situations — in our organizations, families, or personal lives.

We see the symptoms, but can’t work through the problems…

Organizational Challenges

  • Morale is low, people dread coming to work
  • Blaming others for problems is a normal part of the day
  • Organization is fractured into competing camps, at the expense of the overall mission
  • Conflict is frequent, differing opinions are not respected
  • Negativity prevails as the default attitude
  • Productivity is lower than it could be
  • Schedule deadlines are missed
  • Employee turnover is high
  • Profit not what it could be
  • Gossip is rampant

Family Symptoms

  • We fight a lot, or don’t talk at all
  • We pretend that everything is “okay”
  • Our home is a mess, or perfectly ordered at all times
  • One or two people do all the work
  •  “we have to” do things
  • Punishment seems to be the only solution

Personal Issues

  • Feelings are not pleasant, or not felt
  • I spend a lot of time with recurring thoughts
  • I’m not sleeping well, can’t seem to get enough rest
  • I have a hard time focusing
  • My relationships are not enjoyable
  • I don’t know who I am, what I want or know my purpose

The solution is…

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