• Training in Collaborative Communication in an Organizational Context: Assessment of Impact by Jane Marantz Connor, Robert Wentworth — “Results showed statistically significant changes on 31 of 33 quantitative measures. Executives reported that conversations and meetings were notably more efficient, with issues being resolved in 50-80 percent less time. Estimates of the impact of this greater efficiency indicated a probably payback period to the organization of 2-10 months for all expenses.”
  • Needs and Subjective Well-Being Around the World by Louis Tay and Ed Diener — “Across a sample of 123 countries, we examined the association between the fulfillment of needs and subjective well-being (SWB), including life evaluation, positive feelings, and negative feelings. Need fulfillment was consistently associated with SWB across world regions… In addition, the associations of SWB with the fulfillment of specific needs were largely independent of whether other needs were fulfilled.”


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