Seminars for Techies and Professionals

Seminars for Techies and Professionals

One to two hour seminar giving an overview of communicating compassionately, especially designed for technologists and professionals. Preferred group size is 8 to 12 participants in a round-table discussion format — seminar format can be extended to any group size, including auditorium. Emphasis is getting to the point as quickly as possible, focused mostly on intellectual overview of the statics and dynamics of communication. Group facilitator able to adapt quickly to the needs of the group based on specific requests, while getting to the important points in the material.

If you…

  • value the efficient use of time
  • live by your calendar
  • would like to improve your communications (understanding, connection, effectiveness, clarity)
  • have a technology, advanced educational background
  • are in a profession that requires talking to lots of people

Then, this seminar is for you. This seminar can be repeated, or evolved to support interested participants over many weeks.

Contact us to discuss your specific group needs.

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