NVC Foundations Workshop

NVC Foundations Workshop

Date: Saturday May 19, 2018

Time: 10:00AM – 5:15 PM

Do you desire?
• deeply fulfilling relationships?
• an easier time communicating authentically?
• ways to interact at work so you start to love what you do?

Join us for an in-depth introduction to Nonviolent Communication!!!

This experiential workshop gives you foundational skills and gets you practicing in community.

Learning Objectives

  • NVC Dance Floors
  • Observations vs. Evaluations
  • Feelings vs. Thoughts
  • Needs vs. Strategies
  • Requests vs. Demands
  • Empathetic Listening
  • Honest Expression
  • Hearing “No”
  • Transforming Judgments
  • Role Plays for Practice and Healing
  • Expressing Gratitude

Interactive Design: You will be engaging with these concepts for maximum learning. Worksheets, breakouts, group discussion, games and role plays.

Space is limited: The workshop will be kept small to support learning. 12 participants is the maximum.

Your Facilitators: Alara Tiernan is an Intimacy Educator and has been facilitating NVC for five years. James Prieto is an NVC Trainer, Agile Coach and has been practicing Compassionate Communication for 14 years.

Registration Single $175

Registration with Partner $300

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) was developed by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D, beginning in the 1960’s. Today, the model is taught around the world, and has been applied in a wide variety of contexts, including business and nonprofit settings. Formal studies have begun to document the benefits of NVC, which include organizational effectiveness, increased efficiency, and support for individual well-being.

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