Workshops go deep into the theory and practice of connecting compassionately. Introductory workshops are typically are 4 to 6 hours in duration (shorter sessions are possible); workshops may be customized to your needs, and include any relevant topic.

  • Learn the basic principles that support connection, collaboration, progress
  • Practice the concepts presented with other participants, using real life examples
  • Explore several processes for self-empathy and empathic listening
  • Find ways to express yourself honestly and authentically while at the same time supporting connection
  • Learn how to say and hear “no” with compassion
  • Express gratitude in a way that nurtures the recipient fully
  • Explore strategies for conflict mediation
  • Find the power of clear and doable requests as a means to leadership
  • Facilitating consensus in a group

Contact us to discuss customizing a workshop for your organization.


“I enjoyed the sense of community, peace, learning insights of the workshop.”

– Scott S.

“One to one practicing and role playing were extremely helpful. I especially learned by watching NVC used, and then implementing it myself. I also enjoyed the flow and structure of outlines and written explanations. I’m so excited to be doing this and appreciate that you’ve made this available to our organization.”

— Stephanie T.

“You are a great speaker!”

– Gardenia M.

“I like your energy and confidence.”

– Frank L.

“I specifically enjoyed your command of the concepts and use of NVC while teaching.”

– James B.


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